Vrilissia, maisonette

This is the second renovation for this property. We began with some old pieces of furniture, which we improved upon, altered and put to use, combined with new furniture, accessories, lighting and decorative ornaments. The curtains are new, the interior was painted with colors of choice and the final result was a total transformation.

Veranda design

The project concerned the design of two verandas of a single family house in Vrilissia. The verandas were furnished and decorated in a way to match the rest of the house. However, they were aesthetically upgraded, while remaining usable and operating as a two exterior rooms of the house. Verandas before their renovation

Mykonos, Lia

 Summer residence within a complex of similar homes in Mykonos. The project from the construction stage of this residence. We designed built-in bathrooms, beds and other elements. The dominant style was Cycladic, and included multiple white surfaces and Pistachio accents (in the living room). The floors and walls were constructed by cement and wood. The outdoor area was designed to include a BBQ […]

Voula Flat offers beautiful Saronikos views

The 20-year-old apartment is located in Voula and offers a unique view of the Saronikos Gulf. Nowadays needs and the aesthetic preferences of the owner, as they are now formed in terms of a modern update, have led to the renovation and the fundamental renewal of the residence. The once stiff-style classic apartment turns into […]