Kifissia, residence

Renovation, decoration and furnishing of a residence in the center of Kifissia. Structural elements were remodeled in order to create a modern design, away from the original aesthetic of past decades. The apartment was renovated from the beginning including a new kitchen. We included visible and hidden lights, new furniture, fabrics and all curtains. We also refurbished preexisting furniture of […]

Kala Nera, Pilion, Greece

This has been a radical reconstruction of an old house in Kala Nera, Pilion. The reconstruction included a new roof, new floors, new ceilings, restoration of the old masonry, new partitions and finishes, new power network, new plumbing. A new modern bathroom was constructed as well. All windows and doors were changed, and all rooms were decorated and furnished […]

Psychiko, single family home

Renovated this 70-year-old house. Renovation included bathroom(s) and kitchen(s) reconstruction, as well as remodeling of outdoor areas. Basically the entire house was remodeled. Interior design works included selecting colors, fabrics, furniture, lighting. The house was fully organized from new curtains, upholstery, carpets and covers to kitchen appliances, utensils and silverware.

Paros, summer residence

This renovation concerns a twenty-year-old summer residence abandoned for many years. Necessary maintenance works were carried out, and the interior space was renovated by changing fabrics and curtains. Wall colors and furniture were changed, new lighting and decorative elements were installed. The home was delivered ready for either owner use or rental through Airbnb. Η προϋπάρχουσα κατάσταση φαίνεται […]

Kifissia, loft

Concept and design of a small appartment in Kifisia in loft style. Originally this was an auxiliary site at the yard level. The owner decided to convert it into a modern hip apartment. As a result, all internal walls and partitions were removed and new spaces were created. New full and half bathrooms were designed constructed, along with a new […]

Lagonisi, house

διαμόρφωση εξοχικής κατοικίας στο Λαγονήσι

This house was based on a pre-existing structure of the ’70s. Renovation of interior spaces, renewal of window frames, a new roof, and other reconstruction work of bathrooms, floors, kitchen, closets, etc. were performed.  We also completely remodeled the interior spaces with new furniture, curtains, colors and other stylistic elements . The house was designed taking into account […]

Vrilissia, maisonette

This is the second renovation for this property. We began with some old pieces of furniture, which we improved upon, altered and put to use, combined with new furniture, accessories, lighting and decorative ornaments. The curtains are new, the interior was painted with colors of choice and the final result was a total transformation.

Mykonos summer residence, overlooking Delos

This project was initiated from the construction stage of this summer residence which includes five levels. We constructed built bathrooms and built-in beds, as well as built-in bedside tables and closets. We designed a new kitchen and a new tavern at the pool level. The house was decorated and fully furnished according to the owners’ needs. All technical works […]

Veranda design

The project concerned the design of two verandas of a single family house in Vrilissia. The verandas were furnished and decorated in a way to match the rest of the house. However, they were aesthetically upgraded, while remaining usable and operating as a two exterior rooms of the house. Verandas before their renovation

Mykonos, Lia

 Summer residence within a complex of similar homes in Mykonos. The project from the construction stage of this residence. We designed built-in bathrooms, beds and other elements. The dominant style was Cycladic, and included multiple white surfaces and Pistachio accents (in the living room). The floors and walls were constructed by cement and wood. The outdoor area was designed to include a BBQ […]